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do you have Electronic waste you Want taken care of? 

WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment is a known struggle for organisations whether that is a small or corporate enterprise. WEEE Waste can be anything from a Telecoms Units to a PC Desktops. As an organisation it is your responsibility within the GDPR Legislation to make ethical and sustainable practices to treat, recover and recycle old and new electrical waste.

Organisations are responsible by WEEE Compliance Legalisation to recycle at official WEEE Recycling centers. This is where SMS Recycling is provided by government and environmental officials to provide a tailored service with current GDPR Certifications to prove that your electronic waste is recycled environmentally friendly. We use accredited software when securely sanitising data to ensure clients' information stays protected throughout the process from start to finish. We provide secure WEEE Recycling and Data destruction services nationwide from Redundant Office and School Equipment to Specialised Military MOD Disposal equipment. our business is adaptable to any industry due to our extensive knowledge of electronic goods recycling along with providing top quality secure business service. 


if you are looking to dispose of or recycle your electronic equipment cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, contact us today and one of our dedicated specialised team members will help assist you with your requests with instant communication via our telephone or email service. 

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