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Secure IT Disposal / Recycling Of Computer IT Equipment In Bracknell

We will help make space at your workplace


We can offer a Free computer and laptop recycling collection to your business in Bracknell for computer recycling and IT asset disposal needs, all data is wiped to a high industry standard along with optional military-grade data sanitation on request.


We give you peace of mind when it comes to your personal business data making sure no information is ever recoverable from your drives.

What We Recycle? 

  • Computers & Laptops 

  • Servers 

  • IP Telephones 

  • UPC Backups 

  • Projectors 

  • Monitors & TV's 

  • Mobile Phones 

  • Hard Drives 

  • Cables & Plugs 

Zero Land-fill Target 

When processing your old redundant IT equipment we keep a zero landfill policy target in mind, remarketing your old assets so they don't end up in landfill is extremely important to us, any equipment that cannot be repaired for remarketing will be dismantled into segregated raw materials for recycling, this all adds to the circular economy within the recycling field, so you can be sure recycling WEEE waste with us will benefit the environment. 

Laptop and Computer Recycling In Guildford  

When disposing and recycling Electrical Laptop and Computer Equipment it is important to take into consideration that the computer recycling company you are using offers Data destruction / Data Sanitisation WEEE E-waste computer disposal services that run alongside GDPR regulation to ensure that your computer equipment is taken care of safely, securely and ethically removing the risks of exposure of sensitive data.

Why is it important to recycle laptops, computers, and Electrical equipment?

The GDPR Regulation states that businesses, Schools, Universities and other organisations must use accredited WEEE laptops and Computer Recycling companies to Recycle, Repurpose and provide Hard drive destruction to protect customers' and clients' data.

Laptop and Computer Data Destruction / Data Sanitisation In Guildford WEEE Recycling Facility

The data destruction and data sanitisation process are completed to InfoSec 5iso9001 and iso14001 accreditation ensuring data is wiped to top military grade. After the process has been completed the client will be provided with an IT Asset report and Data destruction certificated as proof of destruction.

What Do We Do? 

We offer onsite data and Hard drive destruction on request for peace of mind, Whether you are a School, College, University, Office, Hospital, Small or Large business we can get the job done in a secure, efficient and ethical manner. The Laptop and computer recycling centre is based in Camberley, Surrey, ensuring that organisations meet GDPR requirements whilst providing a safe and secure environmentally friendly way of recycling unwanted redundant computer equipment.


The Guildford Free Computer and Laptop WEEE E-Waste Recycling Centre Provide safe and secure procedures when recycling computer and laptop equipment, They do what is necessary to ensure the clients are safe as well as using environmentally friendly methods to prevent Landfill waste from negatively impacting third world countries.


All data is unrecoverably wiped using a secure data erasure method, making sure no data can ever be recovered.


We wipe to the highest industry standard with the options to erase to 7-pass level catered for military-grade erasure methods. 


All data wiped assets will be logged and a certificate of completion will be given once secure hard drive wiping has successfully been completed, making you GDPR compliment. 

Is My Hard Drive Data Secure? 

What Secure Data Erasure Methods Do We Use? 

Do you have regular WEEE Waste? Try our Electrical Waste Bin Hire

SMS Recycling offers a complete solution for your retired business tech, we will provide you with a WEEE waste bin for your site and make collections when it is full and bring them to our secure data facility. 

We will wipe any data from your hard drives at secure data destruction level making sure no forensic data recovery can be performed on the hard drive, we are capable of 7-pass secure data destruction (Department Of Defence Recognised) at the request of clients. 

Click here for our 'WEEE Bin' hire information 

Our Duty To WEEE Waste 

As stated by 15(1) of the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 a strategy is formed to reduce the amount of WEEE waste going into land-fill We process all WEEE waste in unison to this hierarchy and completely avoid land-fill as an option. 

It is our duty to achieve high levels of recyclability when processing electronic waste, we will actively review our hierarchy when recycling so we can implement recovery of fixable units at our treatment facility. 


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