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Where to donate old electronics, computers and laptops.

Be Safe With Hard Drive Data Destruction, Storage Devices Sanitisation For Free.

''We Destroy the possibility of Data leakage and keep you GDPR compliant' 

Where to Donate my old computer and laptop near me? 

Looking for a convenient and user-friendly way to donate your electrical equipment, laptops, and computers? Look no further! Our recycling company is the perfect solution for your donation needs. Here's why you should choose us:

Easy Donation Process: Wondering where to donate your laptops, computers, or home electrical goods? We've got you covered! Simply reach out to us, and we'll take care of the rest. Our team will collect your donated items at a time and location that suits you, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Secure Data Sanitisation: Worried about your personal information? Don't be! We prioritise data security and guarantee thorough sanitisation of all donated devices. You can trust us to securely erase your data, eliminating any potential leaks or privacy breaches.

Positive Community Impact: Your donation will have a direct impact on the community. We repurpose and refurbish donated equipment, making it available to individuals, schools, and nonprofit organisation in need. By donating, you're helping bridge the digital divide and empowering others with access to technology.

Environmental Responsibility: We're committed to environmental sustainability. By donating your electronics to us, you're choosing a responsible option that keeps harmful e-waste out of landfills. Help us protect the planet by giving your devices a second life.


Don't let your old electronics gather dust. Donate them today and make a difference! Contact us now to schedule a collection and join our mission of recycling and repurposing for a better future.

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Google customer feedback 5 stars
Environment agency certificateiso 9001 iso 14001 responsible recycling

UK Govt Abiding highest grade 7 pass wiping 

+ Our System keeps the process audited from start to finish, Being the most ideal for our clients with every serial number being scanned, recorded, logged and a Report certificate sent back to the customer 

Data Holding Asset Certificate 

+ Our Trained destruction experts offer an efficient, secure and sustainable service, so you can feel confident your equipment is in safe hands.

Mass Destruction of Data 

+ Our accreditations and software allow us to process any requirements of data from a single hard drive to thousands

harddrive formatting
unscrewing harddrive for data destruction

We Are Leaders In The IT Asset Retirement Industry 

SMS Recycling™ is always ahead when it comes to IT asset management and disposals. we always strive for a competitive edge, using highly secure erasure software while prioritising customer data security. We always strive for low-cost ITAD, keeping your companies budget in perspective. 

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