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Slow Computer? Best Way To Speed Up My Laptop Windows 10

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

We will learn of some easy ways to quickly speed up your laptop making it feel almost new again and avoiding unnecessary costs along the way. following some of the mentioned steps will make an immediate increase in speed to your personal pc.

Slow Laptop - Speed Up Process
Slow Computer? Best Way To Speed Up My Laptop Windows 10

Fastest Solution To A Slow Laptop/Computer?

Ram & Harddrive Upgrade The most productive solution to speeding up and computer unit or laptop unit is by simply upgrading the Ram and Harddrive most preferably transitioning from an HDD

(Hard Disk Drive) to an SSD (Solid State Drive). SSD is the future of hardware and can make a considerably larger difference to the performance of your computing unit. Because of the way old HDDs work they are prone to wear and tear and broken non-readable sectors after years of use, spaces on the drive end up getting clogged and holding files that are hidden that aren't even used, The disk becomes slower and harder to work with and your computing speed and space will feel the difference. Your computer will indicate to you if your hard drive is having an issue. Follow these steps below to find out how.

How To Check If Your Harddrive Is Getting Old

Step 1 - Press 'CTRL + ALT + DELETE' at the same time.

Step 2 - Follow the options and click 'Task Manager.

Step 3 - Follow the options at the top and click 'Performance'

Step 4 - Check the health percentage of your disk.

If you are seeing as high as 85-100% disk usage, it is time to change the hard drive to an SSD. As a computer/laptop user, your speed improvement will show straight away.

How Can I keep my old files when I get a new SSD?

Changing the HDD to an SSD for better speed is great, but what if you wanted to keep all your old files? Here's an article on how to keep old files and also keep using the windows operating system

There are software and machines that can do this for you and help you do it at a larger scale, for example, a user could purchase an HDD duplicator to copy the files from the old drive to the new one. StarTech SATDOCK2REU3 is a good example of a reliable HDD replicator, once both HDDs are in the HDD holder you can simply press the duplication button to transfer everything over within 20-40 minutes. Duplicators such as StarTech will also have the ability to delete files from the old HDD helping secure your old HDD from getting hijacked once thrown away.

Although the HDD deleter is good as a short-term resolution it is important to remember this will only protect you from an average person trying to gain access to your HDD information and files. With the right tools, someone could still recover all information stored on your old storage device. With this information known it is imperative to be certain that you recycle your old hard drives and computers with a WEEE Certified Recycle company, computer recyclers who are accredited will use specialised software and equipment to completely remove data from a data device so it will be totally unrecoverable by attackers at any level.

Recycling your old drive Securely will also help reduce your data leaking with sensitive data and landfills which is a major factor issue with today's electrical waste programs.

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