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Free Computer Recycling 

A smarter choice to waste management

electronics weee recycle and IT Asset disposal of equipment such as, phones, laptops, computers, servers and tablets
data distrcution certificate for compute

Secure Business Computer Recycling With Data Destruction Certificate 

SMS Recycling offers a complete solution for your retired business tech, we will take old laptops and computers from your location and bring them to our secure data facility. 

We will wipe any data from your hard drives at a secure data destruction level making sure no forensic data recovery can be performed on the hard drive, we can perform 7-pass secure data destruction (Department Of Defence Recognised) at the request of clients. 


iso 9001 certification and accreditation

Need WEEE recycled? Get in touch with us.

secure hard drive data destruction Crushing Machine and software
Our accrediations and certifications

Trusted & Certified Computer Recycling 

Our IT asset disposition services, help you to get rid of your old IT components, assets and other electronics items. When you upgrade the equipment in your office, your older assets may not be used and will only end up taking up a lot of space.


SMS Recycling goes by a Zero Landfill policy adding to the circular recycling process and preventing any electronic waste from going to underdeveloped nations.

We Can Take Mixed WEEE Waste 

SMS Recycling will take a wide range of mixed WEEE waste from your collection point, as long as it's electrical and recyclable, we can handle it.

WEEE Waste Items We Collect 

  • CCTV Equipment 

  • Audio & Video Equipment 

  • Telecommunications Equipment  

  • Household Electrical Appliances 

  • IT Assets 

  • Industrial Electricals Machinery 

Data Erasure Capability & Levels 

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