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WEEE Bin Hire / Electrical Goods Waste Recycle 

WEEE Waste Management Services.

To stop hazardous material from ending up in Landfills due to poor treatment of electronic waste, SMS RECYCLING will process all your WEEE needs in an environmentally friendly and secure manner.

Quick WEEE Bin Form

Electrical Waste Recycling And Disposal. 

1000L Weee Bin Hire 

180L Weee Bin Hire 

120L Weee Bin Hire 

WEEE Bin Hire

The 1000L storage bin for WEEE recycling and disposals is good for small/large businesses that produce medium to large amounts of WEEE waste.

The 180L storage bin for WEEE recycling and disposals is good for small businesses that produce small to medium amounts of WEEE waste.

The 120L storage bin for WEEE recycling and disposals, is good for small businesses that produce small amounts of WEEE waste.

WEEE Is Hazardous Waste And Needs To Be Treated Correctly.

SMS RECYCLING  will attempt to recover all raw materials from recycled equipment, we will repair tech that can be fixed for remarketing, we will remove parts from tech for remarketing, and we will dismantle tech for its raw materials to completely minimise landfill dumps.

We here at SMS have a zero landfill target and will do everything necessary to achieve that target which is why WEEE bins offer a great solution to small and big businesses when it comes to electronic waste solutions. 

What WEEE Recycle?

  • Kitchen & Home Appliances

  • Wires/Cables/Cords

  • Motherboards 

  • Audio & Visual Tech 

  • Electrical Goods 

  • Monitors /TVs / Screens

  • Anything With Electricity 

What WEEE Take Separately?

  • Lithium Ion Batteries 

  • Florescent Light Tubes 

  • Pinter Toners 

  • Hazardous Waste


SMS Recycling aims for a zero landfill target eliminating the export of WEEE waste completely by processing all recycling within the UK. 

WEEE will break down all electrical goods into assorted raw components, which will enter our downstream partners for refining. 

We're Recognised By.

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