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Electrical Weee Bin Recycle Hire

Secure Recycle Management Solutions.

Electrical Recycle WEEE Bin Zero Landfill Target Disposal 

SMS Recycling offers a complete solution for your retired business tech, we will provide you with a WEEE waste bin for your site and make collections when it is full and bring them to our secure data facility. 

We will wipe any data from your hard drives at secure data destruction level making sure no forensic data recovery can be performed on the hard drive, we are capable of 7-pass secure data destruction (Department Of Defence Recognised) at the request of clients. 


Environmentally Friendly WEEE Bin 

  • We will collect the E-Waste bin from your location and provide you with a waste transfer note.

  • All electronics will be ethically recycled making sure nothing goes to land-fill 

  • All data baring electronics will be data wiped to the highest industry standards 

Review Our WEEE Bin Form 

our collection, it disposal and data destruction process

GPS Tracked and Vetted Van drivers will Pick up and bring back items to process point 

Audit Certificate
Full Data Report with All Assets Tagged  Will Be Provided

Data Sanitisation
All Data is destructed and destroyed  at highest approved Standard 

After receiving your Details we will process and finalise for Approval 


Need WEEE recycled? Get in touch with us.

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Environment agency certificateiso 9001 iso 14001 responsible recycling
  • How Much Does It Cost?
    In many cases we are able to provide a free of charge service, this is feasible because equipment frequently has residual value that we can use to offset our processing expenses and in some cases could generate a profit for our clients.
  • What Areas Do You Cover?
    We cover all of the UK mainland, and guarantee collection from any mainland location within five working days, after collection confirmation
  • Does My Collection Include A Certificate Of Data Erasure?
    You will receive a 'Data Sanitation Certificate' via email to show that all data has been wiped to a high standard. All items are asset tracked and marked through our facility.
  • How Does GDPR Effect The Disposal & Recycle Process?
    The EU GDPR's guiding principles are comparable to those of the DPA, but it adds more obligations and criteria for managing and storing personal data. Violating these new rules will result in severe fines and heavy penalties. Therefore, it is crucial for UK businesses to be aware of these adjustments and the upcoming new rules. Your IT disposal will be fully GDPR compliant thanks to SMS, providing you peace of mind that all data will be handled safely and in accordance with the new rules.
  • Why Recycle ?
    As part of the WEEE directive, companies who dispose of hazardous waste have a legal obligation to dispose of redundant electronic equipment in accordance with new regulations, costs associated to WEEE disposal are passed onto the electronics consumer.
  • What is the WEEE Directive?
    WEEE products are dumped by businesses and households in the UK on a yearly basis in the amount of 2 million tonnes. The majority of items that require a plug or a battery are included in WEEE. 2007 saw the enactment of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive). The directive's goal is to lessen the amount of WEEE disposed of in landfills and to encourage reuse whenever it is feasible. Simply put, companies and organisations must now create a programme to ensure that their WEEE is retired in accordance with the directive and can no longer classify WEEE as general waste. Businesses and organisations usually always hire the services of an outside IT disposal provider to streamline the procedure because it is somewhat difficult.
  • Has Our Organisation Been Environment Agency Approved?
    Yes! We have been certified to carry WEEE waste and have certificates on our ' certificates' page available for client viewing. Leave us your email so we can assist further
  • How Does General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Effect My Organisation?
    The data protection act, which has an impact on every business or organisation, is undoubtedly the most crucial step in the disposal procedure. The framework for UK data protection law is laid out in the DPA 2018. It went into effect on May 25, 2018, and it amends and replaces the Data Protection Act of 1998. Although comprehensive information is easily accessible online, the seventh principle is the one that is most pertinent when it comes to getting rid of your outdated IT assets. In actuality, it means you must put in place the necessary security measures to stop the inadvertent or intentional compromise of the personal data you handle, both on and off your premises. Which do you believe would suffer more harm to its brand image—a small IT disposal firm or a well-known organization—even then and in the event of a data breach? Damage will already have been done, even if the IT disposal business possesses indemnity insurance (a extremely rare occurrence).
  • How Do You Sanitise & Destruct Data?
    All Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Disks are data sanitised using erasure overwriting software and physical data wipers. White Canyon and WipeDrive is approved for all mechanical drives, this software is approved by Interpol, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco. A certificate is produced for every successfully erased drive and a serial number will be provided within the certificate. Any hard drive that fails the data sanitisation process or is faulty will be degaussed and physically destroyed on site at SMS Recycling.
  • How Can I Arrange A Collection?
    To arrange a collection with us, simply complete the ''request'' or ''Quote'' or ''contact'' forms alternatively send us an email outlining your needs and capacity, after confirmation we will get back to you with a time and date for us to come and collect your equipment, we will use your collection preferred date as priority.
  • Does Equipment Have To Be Pre-packed Or Boxed For A Collection?
    No, we do all the work for you! Our vehicles are equipped with appropriate room for removing and storing your equipment and do items do not have to be palletised. Be sure to note items are in a safe and secure location on your site ready for our drivers to collect.
  • How Should I Choose A Reputable IT Disposal Company?
    More than 300 IT disposal businesses are currently registered, but fewer than 10% of these can actually offer a legitimately secure service and have the credentials to support this. Cost shouldn't be your main deciding factor, but given how competitive the sector is, you should be able to locate a reliable disposal firm that can yet offer a reasonable service.
  • What Inquiries Can I Make While Selecting A Partner For IT Disposal?
    Are they licenced waste carriers? Do they have a permit for the environment? Do they have their own drivers? Do they produce the proper paperwork for the disposal process? Do they sanitise data according to industry standards? Do they offer asset reports for equipment gathered?
  • Does SMS Recycling Use 3rd Party Contactors Or Agency's?
    No. We never employ agency personnel, and every step of the process—including the destruction and shredding of media—is completed internally. Equipment that cannot be resold and must instead be recycled is the only component that we send to a approved partner.
  • What Security Precautions Do You Take When Hiring New Employees?
    All staff starting and employed by SMS recycling are DBS Enhanced checked as standard. All staff must pass induction courses and online tests, from then they are monitor by a senior member to review if they can work alone which is then signed off by a higher senior member All staff must work on the ground floor for 3 months minimum and pass an additional course to enter a Data erasing area
  • What Security Measures Are In Place At Your Facility?
    SMS Recycling operates in a specific secure built warehouse in a enclosed industrial estate, the facility has a comprehensive alarm systems, motion detecting cameras focusing on the in and internal door locks for staff access restriction if appropriate in addition our facility is ours alone and not shared and we have the right to operate random daily security searches
  • What Are Your Logistical Security Measures?
    Vehicles are satellite tracked and CCTV equipped in loading areas. All our drivers are enhanced DBS checked and have to follow strict driving criterions. We have a dedicated logistics team that monitors and manages all collections.
  • Is There A Minimum Collection Amount?
    Sms Recycling is capable of picking up any amount of IT waste from your business, providing costs can be recovered from the equipment being recycled.
  • Will You Recycle Broken Equipment?
    SMS Recycling will process all IT equipment and make sure nothing is going to Land-fill, giving you peace of mind knowing recycling will have a greater benefit to the environment as a whole.
  • Can SMS Provide On-Site Storage Containers?
    SMS can supply a range of storage containers from wheelie bins to full shipping containers
  • Do Your Support Client Portal Asset Tracking?
    Yes clients will have up to date and viewable asset information showing logged serial numbers, specific amount of items and category's, clients can request collections through the portal
  • Why Do You Ask For Icloud Credentials?
    When processing your IT equipment we might ask you for your Apple credentials as having a bios lock on a computer will get in the way of our data destruction method, making it increasingly difficult to process the data wipe. Your data is safe with us.
  • Why Is My Bios Password Being Requested?
    A system BIOS password will prevent SMS from effectively sanitising the asset. A BIOS password could limit access to wiping boot options, prevent access to the hard drive, and prevent clearing TPM and AMT settings. Servers will need to be removed from their addressed networks before the recycling process can be complete.
  • Why Should I Remove My Device From Apple DEP?
    Even after the asset's hard disc has been successfully sanitised, Apple systems that have not been removed from the DEP register may download personal information while connected to the internet, since SMS cannot verify whether a system has been taken off a DEP register, the client must remove the device before the data wipe process takes place.
  • Is Your Service Free?
    In most cases all collections are free, to verify if you are eligible - click the ''BOOK NOW'' Button. Leave us your email so we can assist further
  • Is All Data Securely Destroyed?
    Yes, all data that is stored on the equipment is 'Data Sanitised' and destructed at the 'UK GOVT INFOSEC5' Level. Leave us your email so we can assist further
  • Do You Recycle The IT Equipment?
    All equipment given is securely data wiped and repurposed back into the community, all unusable equipment will be broken down for its materials and parts with a zero landfill targeted policy. This process of recycling keeps your business ethically active in the environment. Leave us your email so we can assist further
  • Do Your Collect IT Equipment From My Location?
    Yes, we will send out our vetted drivers to your location to pick up your redundant IT equipment who will then bring everything back to our facility for data wiping and processing. Leave us your email so we can assist you.
secure hard drive data destruction Crushing Machine and software

Physical Hard Drive Destruction 

We Can I Put In The Mixed WEEE Waste Bin. 

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SMS Recycling will take a range of mixed WEEE waste from your collection point, as long as it's electrical and recyclable, we can handle it.

WEEE Waste Items We Recycle 

  • CCTV Equipment 

  • Audio & Video Equipment 

  • Telecommunications Equipment  

  • Household Electrical Appliances 

  • IT Assets 

  • Industrial Electricals Machinery 

  • Computers & Laptops 

  • Cables & Peripherals 

  • WEEE (Electrical Equipment)

Trusted & Certified Computer Recycling 

Our IT asset disposition services, help you to get rid of your old IT components, assets and other electronics items. When you upgrade the equipment in your office, your older assets may not be used and will only end up taking up a lot of space.


SMS Recycling goes by a Zero Landfill policy adding to the circular recycling process and preventing any electronic waste from going to underdeveloped nations.

SMS recycling clients, partners and customers including kent police, thames water, comviva, park side school, jagermeister, marjan television networks, collegues, local councils, IT companys,


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