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data destruction 

Today, digital crime & data security is of more importance than ever before. The World Wide Web allows wrongdoers from all over the globe to illegally access & share information, to the detriment of millions of businesses, service users & individuals. Service providers, institutions & businesses of all industries now have a more pronounced responsibility than ever before to deliver flawless data security. Protecting your & your clients’ sensitive data is of the highest priority for management today- and this includes in the IT disposal service. Data retrieval from hardware is of a more urgent concern than ever before- and the only way to guarantee the security of your sensitive data is with a comprehensive Hard drive disposal & data destruction services are the only safe way to ensure security for your valuable data: and a certificate of hard drive destruction is the only guarantee of total data security.


By balancing the security needs of our customers with IT recycling best practices, we offer a complete ethical & practical SSD secure erase and computer service. smsrecycling offers you:

  • The highest standard of SSD secure erase with a digital hard drive wipe.

  • Total data destruction services with a comprehensive hard drive shred following  your data wipe

  • Specialist IT recycling services to recover you're secured & wiped the hardware

  • Computer reuse to provide maximum cost effectiveness & ethical standards of electronic recycling without compromising data security.

  • An efficient, expert computer disposal & electronic recycling service tailored to your needs.

  • A certificate of hard drive destruction is available to record & verify completion of each process.

  • GDPR data control & secure hard drive disposal options.

gET iN tOUCH  

Let us know how many Media/Data Devises you wish to have destroyed or recycled 



A price is purposed for the contracted destruction of the media devices. 

data distruction sealed box harddrive di

fRom you to us 

 Driver will collect and make There way to data facility all tracked via GPS then data will be destroyed or recycled depending on what the client recommends   


data destruction   certificate 

Once the Hard Data devises have been destroyed. a Data Destruction Certificate is then sent to client. Assuring complete erasure and destruction of the data