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Recording Studio Equipment Recycling
WEEE Recycling for Recording studios for Electrical items in Surrey.

recording studio recycling and disposal service, where to recycle old used recording studi

Complete peace of mind when disposing of Electrical, Recording studio equipment 

Simple, Safe electrical recording studio equipment, DJ equipment disposal, and recycling service, whether you’re a University, School, Resident or Business we are the company you can rely on to get the job done in a secure GDPR manner.

SMS Recycling will
decommission and collect your electrical WEEE Waste and take it to our WEEE recycling Centre, to be securely disposed of and recycled inlines with GDPR.  

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Explore our recycling service designed for music recording studios, covering a wide range of electrical recording studio gear.

Whether you need to recycle of microphones, microphone stands, laptops, speakers, studio monitors, MIDI controllers, mixing boards, Music servers and hard drives, or music network radio equipment, we've got you covered.


Our secure UK-wide collection service ensures the safe disposal of your WEEE waste, with a focus on data security

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Environment agency certificateiso 9001 iso 14001 responsible recycling

Music and recording Studio Equipment WEEE Recycle 

Count on us when recycling music recording studio equipment with care and compliance.

We'll collect and asset list your gear, identifying any data-bearing assets for secure data destruction in accordance with GDPR regulations. Safely transporting your equipment to our recycling facility, we ensure responsible recycling followed by thorough data destruction. Rest assured, you'll receive a data destruction certificate for peace of mind. 

recording studio recycling and disposal service, where to recycle old used recording studi

List of items we recycle for music recording studios 

  • Recycle Music Workstations

  • Backup HDU Recycle

  • Recycle DAW Software

  • Audio Interface Recycle

  • Recycle Monitoring Equipment

  • Studio Monitors Recycle

  • Recycle Monitor Stands

  •  Monitor Isolation Pads Recycling

  • Studio Headphones Recycle

  • Recycle Rackmount Headphone Amps

  • Recording Equipment Recycling

  • Recycle Microphones

  • Rackmount Amps Recycle

  • Recycle Pop Filter + Shockmount

  • Mic Stands Recycling

  • MIDI Controllers Recycling

  • Recycle Instruments recycling 

  • Piano Recycling

  • RecycleDrum kits

  • Guitars Recycle

  • Guitar Amps Recycle

  • Guitar Pedals Recycle

  • Recycle Loop Pedal Recycling 

  • Sound Mixer Recycling

  • Sequencers Recycle

  • RecycleDrum Machine

  • Power Conditioner Recycling

  • Recycling Power Distributors

  • Snake Cables Recycle

  • Master Clocks Recycle

  • Studio Racks Recycle

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