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Business sign cleaning service in surrey

Wipe The Grime Keep A Fresh Sign!

Business retail signs are one of the most important marketing tools an organisation can use to advertise itself. business signs are at for front view of the customer as it represents the organisation as a whole and informs members of the public of who you are and what you do.

It is easy to underestimate how important signs are in terms of a business point of view but this is the main element that attracts and gives customers confidence in using you as a vendor.

When done correctly it provides information about the products and services you offer and embeds branding in consumer behavior. This is why organisations invest highly in signage yet of all the benefits, they greatly neglect the maintenance which later negatively affects branding and customer purchase confidence.

Why clean windows on a regular basis and neglects the main Focal point?

Why clean windows on a regular basis and neglect the main focal point of the business that will leave a negative impression on clients, customers, and members of the public? When organisations fail to clean their signage it will also affect the sign over time with corrosion that intern will cost the company more money in repairs.

At SMS Recycling, We understand the importance of signs from a business standpoint and how it positively improves brand awareness, and how it represents the overall organisation as a whole. We offer years of professional experience that will allow your business to leave the best impression of your company giving confidence in purchasing customers.

We are experts in professional commercial sign cleaning and you can leave it to us to get the job done at a high standard.

signage we cleaning

signage cleaning for Universities, Schools, Shops, Malls, Stadiums, Hotels, Retail Stores, and many others, We use different sign cleaning methods depending on the placement of the sign, for example, if the sign you are wanting to be cleaned is less then 5 Meters, we will use professional pole brush and distilled water and cleaning solutions. If the sign exceeds 5 Meters, we will use an elevated lift that will allow us to clean signs in high locations.

Signage Cleaning Using Professional Poles.

For most signage cleaning we use our professional distilled water cleaning pole with environment-friendly non-chemical disinfectant cleaning solutions. This is generally the best method for retail premises and most commercial offices and industrial premises that are in high and low positioning. due to no dangerous chemicals being used it leaves zero risk of damaging your signs and harming the environment.

Health and Safety Is Our Number One Priority When Sign Cleaning

We take great measures when it comes to health and safety ensuring all our workers are trained with current health and safety regulations and keeping members of the public and personnel safe. we are in compliance with work-at-height regulations as we clean signage at ground levels removing dirt and grime from signs in no time.

Business Sign Cleaning With Elevated Platform

if the sign cant be cleaned from ground level we use elevated platforms also known as a cherry picker that will elevate one of our fully trained sign cleaners and clean your signs in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner. all of our employees are fully trained and qualified to operate elevated platforms and clean signs.

A complete Sign and Exterior Business cleaning service

SMS Cleaning Solution offers and provides complete signage cleaning services for Offices, Retails Businesses, Schools, Universities, and many others in a safe, ethical and eco-friendly manner protecting and preventing damage to your sign whilst improving reputation and customer attraction.

We offer the most effective cleaning methods and work around your time to remove the element of disruptions to you and your customers.

We are fully compliant with current Health and Safety regulations, you can trust us to get the job done in a cost-effective, hassle-free, and Professionally quality manner leaving your customer with a long-lasting positive image of your organisation.

Call our signage cleaning team today on 01276-20916 or leave us a contact name, number, and email on



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