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Laboratory Decommissioning / Recycling
And Disposal.

WEEE Waste Management Services.

Where to sell used laboratory equiptment 

  • Welcome to SMS Recycling, your trusted partner in the resale of laboratory equipment.

  • At SMS Recycling, we specialise in reselling used laboratory equipment and offer expert advice to ensure a seamless selling process.

  • If you have surplus lab equipment to sell, look no further than SMS Recycling. We offer competitive prices for equipment in various conditions, ensuring you get the best value for your sale.

What Laboratory Equipment We Recycle.

Laboratory Recycle 

Dentistry Recycle

Scientific Recycle 

Health Care Recycle 

  • Recognising laboratories' crucial role in research and innovation.

  • Introducing our specialised recycling solution for redundant scientific equipment.

  • Partnering with us supports environmental conservation and fosters sustainability in scientific exploration.

  • Our streamlined process responsibly repurposes or recycles equipment, reducing ecological footprint.

  • Embrace a greener approach while reclaiming valuable lab space.

  • Join us in promoting environmental responsibility in the scientific community for a positive impact together.

We're Recognised By.


WEEE Is Hazardous Waste And Needs To Be Treated Correctly.

SMS RECYCLING  will attempt to recover all raw materials from recycled equipment, we will repair tech that can be fixed for remarketing, we will remove parts from tech for remarketing, and we will dismantle tech for its raw materials to completely minimise landfill dumps.

We here at SMS have a zero landfill target and will do everything necessary to achieve that target which is why WEEE bins offer a great solution to small and big businesses when it comes to electronic waste solutions. 

What WEEE Recycle?

  • Kitchen & Home Appliances

  • Wires/Cables/Cords

  • Motherboards 

  • Audio & Visual Tech 

  • Electrical Goods 

  • Monitors /TVs / Screens

  • Anything With Electricity 

What WEEE Take Separately?

  • Lithium Ion Batteries 

  • Florescent Light Tubes 

  • Pinter Toners 

  • Hazardous Waste


SMS Recycling aims for a zero landfill target eliminating the export of WEEE waste completely by processing all recycling within the UK. 

WEEE will break down all electrical goods into assorted raw components, which will enter our downstream partners for refining. 

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