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How to dispose and Recycle Car Number Plates

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Number plates shredding service in the UK

How To Dispose And Recycle Car Number Plates?

There are many reasons why someone would want to dispose of their number plates for example, if you buy a new car, scrapping cars or have ones that have been sitting in the garage for a long time. Nowadays it's important to use the correct practices when disposing of number plates as they hold the personal information of the owner that can be accessed by wrongdoers and used for criminal activity.

It is important to use accredited recycling centres that are GDPR Compliant to ethically dispose of and destruct UK car number plates, not only do they effectively destruct number plates but also prevent landfills from toxic plastics.

How do the police dispose of number plates?

The police use accredited recycling centres such as SMS Recycling to dispose of illegal number plates in the UK to ensure the data security of the owner. The company specialises in the disposal of number plates and ITAD by providing data destruction certification after the process has been completed.


We offer collections from Surrey and the following areas, Camberley, Aldershot, Farnborough, Chertsey, Egham, Sutton, Kingston, Kent, Horley, Esher, Farnham, Goldaming, Godstone, Guildford, Redhill, Leatherhead, Surbiton, Wembley, Croydon, Bromley, Catford, Lewisham, Lightwater, Deepcut, Yateley, Wallington, East Molesey, Cranleigh, Dorking, Epsom, Weybridge, Richmond, Reigate, Hindhead, Cheam.

What Is Our Duty Of Care?

We collect and recycle all unwanted electronic equipment and aim to keep Britain and the world environmentally tidy, SMS Recycling goes by a zero-landfill policy to prevent third-world countries from being affected by electronic waste. We work alongside the environment agency to ensure our processes are up to date and managed efficiently to today's WEEE/ITAD and Decommissioning Recycling regulations.

Who We have worked with

Companies we have worked with Thames water Kent Police Jagermeister

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Jeny Wilfred
27. Juli 2022

Freecarcheck : Great! Useful information about recycling number plate.

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