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How To Recycle And Dispose Of Electric Bikes

There has been a substantial increase in people choosing an alternative way of transport with the use of electric bikes, many cities in the UK have implemented new schemes to reduce vehicle emissions from polluting the environment as well as reducing traffic build-up in congested areas such as London, Berkshire, Hampshire, and Surrey.

Why are Police seizing and disposing of electric bikes in the UK?

The metropolitan police have seized more than 200 electric bikes in one week due to being deemed unsafe and unlawful to use on the roads in the UK.

"Click here for BBC article on the seizure of electric bikes"

Chief Superintendant Simon Owens from the metropolitan police made a statement

"Whilst we have seized e-bikes which can operate up to 40 mph, there are some which can reach 70 mph. There is no test required to be able to ride one which means people often do not have an understanding of road awareness; they do not wear a helmet or have lights on them so riding one means they are putting themselves and others at risk."

"Click here for Metropolitan Police Statment".

Why are electricbikes Illegal and causing Fire hazards?

The media has reported electronic bikes are deemed unsafe for public use. Unregulated Electric bikess are being imported from Asia and other countries outside of the EU that are illegal to use on the roads of the UK. These countries offer little to no testing certification when manufacturing bikes, as they rather aim for faster processing time, and take shortcuts with Battery assembly that results in sacrificing customer's safety. bikes are now being referred to as ticking time bombs in the electronic and government sector due to poor production ethics. Electric bikes contain lithium-ion batteries and are charged in our UK Households, It is important to know if your battery is CE and ROHS compliant as the ones that have been produced under poor trading standards can cause fire hazards, explosions, and even death.

"Click here for E-bikes battery compliant"

The fire department from the London Fire brigade released a report on 01/07/2021 warning members of the public to be aware of the increase in popularity of electric bikes and their involvement in residential fires within the London areas. The fire department advises the public to research current trading standard specifications before purchasing an electric bikes.

"Click here for current Trading stand regulations from the London Borough, Bromley Borough council"

What we did to help

Team members of SMS Recycling dismantled the Electric bikes to their raw components removing the lithium-ion battery once entering the recycling facility to minus any potential hazards. The components were then separated into designated sections to then be fulfilled to the recycling process. The designated sections of the recycling process is to ensure safety measures are carried out and the correct recyclable material is divided effectively to prevent environmental pollution. The sections contained LED Lights, Aluminum, High-grade kickstands copper, Nickel, circuitry motherboards control modules, LCD and LED Screens.

E-bikes Components Successfully recycled By Us


PCB Control Board

​Steel Frames



LCD Screen

LED Lights

Plastic Trim

​Motion Sensors

250w to 500w Motors


​Brake Lever and Cables

​Folding Pole and kickstands

Electric bikes Models Recycled E-Recycled

​Unagi Model One

Halfords Carrera Impel is-1

Inokim Oxo

​Dualtron X II

​Pure Air Pro

Beyond PEV EMove Cruiser

Apollo Phantom

Ninebot Kick bikes MAX G30E II

Zero 9 Electric bikes

What we do

We collect and recycle all unwanted electronic equipment and aim to keep Britain and the world environmentally tidy, our company goes by a zero-landfill targeted policy to prevent third world countries from being affected by Electronic waste. We work alongside the environment agency to ensure our processes are up to date and managed efficiently to today's WEEE/ITAD and Decommissioning Recycling regulations.

Below is our Home convenience e-bike disposal process is you want to send in your e bike for secure and efficient recycling

How To Book A Collection?

You can book online via the BOOK NOW portal alternatively you can book a collection via

Email or Telephone 01276 20916




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