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How To Recycle Smart Boards Interactive Whiteboards

Updated: Feb 24

Why don't recycling companies accept smartboards as part of Wee Waste collection?

Most E-waste companies accept everything to do with Weee waste mainly because they can be recycled or reused and if none of those are viable they can be scrapped for base materials.

The unfortunate reality of whiteboard or smartboard recycling is that they have very little to almost no scrap metal material as the boards are made of 90% plastic, this means it will not be practical for a recycling company to pick them up as part of their collection. Click Here for more information about the material specifications of the Smartboards.

Smart has created their own smartboard recycle program which will act as a reverse logistics solution, although this sounds like a great solution, this is only available in specific countries and the UK is not one of them. SmartTech will only pick up the goods providing you as a user & or previous purchaser, drop the goods off at one of their processing locations. Currently, we can only look to WEEE recycling companies to take on the role of recycling.

So what do we do with them?

Currently, there is no stable recycling solution that will be profitable or beneficial for the recycling company to offer for free as part of the collection service, so the only solution is to make this service a payable fixed fee offer, we have to keep in mind a fixed fee would always be a better solution for the environment, making certain nothing is taken overseas to a landfill.

What can we do?

SMS Recycling is equipped and focused on providing a recycling solution for Electronic White Boards from Schools, universities, and colleges (not limited to) - get in touch with one of our team members for an instant no-obligation quote and let us help free some space at your workplace. Email - OR Tel- 01276 20916

Depending on the value of the collection SMARTBOARDS might be free and inclusive to the pickup. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

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