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installing trickle vents into windows

Fitting a trickle vent into a window

Trickle vents are small plastic ventilation flap that enables the circulation of airflow around a room or property. Trickle vents can be opened and closed in different positions allowing you to control the incoming air. The trickle vent must be installed in such a way that it doesn't obstruct the movement of the opening side window allowing it to close and open as it should.

What to take note of when installing trickle vents?

When installing trickle vents to your existing UPVC windows it is important that you use a specialised UPVC drill bits to get through the plastic and reinforced aluminium plate.

Measuring and marking the trickle vents onto the window frame is important not just for airflow purposes but also aesthetics because who wants an ununiformed trickle vent?. when drilling it is crucial that you hold the drill as straight as possible as any wrong angles can effect the airflow or even damage the window costing a lot of money.

Once you have successfully drilled holes through the UPVC window frame and metal reinforcement its time to use a multi tool with a UPVC tooth bit which allows you to make a carve out at 2-4mm gap for the trickle air vent. after this has been completed you can fix the actual trickle vent to the frame with the screw provided in the kit.


It is difficult to amend a broken window glass panel or frame if it goes wrong, ensure that you proceed with caution and care as this can cost a lot of money to amend mistakes caused by DIY jobs. It is important that the vent holes are drilled central any wrong move can cause damage to the frame of window glass itself resulting in additional repair costs and potentially ruining the appearance of your property.

Problems with getting trickle vents in your property?

Trickles vents are not the best looking things in the world but they do fit their purpose cutting out condensation and prevent mould build up in the future. Trickle vents can also take time to see or feel results for example: if you are dealing with issues such as condensation on the windows and mould it can take up to 3 weeks to see a difference allowing time for vapour and moisture to escape.

Do trickle vents help with mould, condensation and damp issues?

In general, trickle vents are helpful in reducing the risk of mould, condensation, and damp issues in a building, especially in rooms with high humidity levels such as bathrooms and kitchens. By allowing a small amount of air to flow into the building, trickle vents can help to increase ventilation and reduce the build-up of moisture in the air.

Do trickle vents work?

Yes, Trickle vents help with allowing a small amount of air to flow into the building, trickle vents can help to increase ventilation and reduce the build-up of moisture in the air.

Trickle vent installers near me?

Looking for a reliable trickle vent installation service near you? Our team of experts can help you improve indoor air quality and reduce moisture build up. Contact us today on 01276 20916.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality Today

Don't let condensation, mould, or damp issues affect your health and comfort. Contact us today to schedule your trickle vent installation service and start enjoying improved indoor air quality right away. We'll be happy to provide you with a free quote and answer any questions you may have.


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