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Where Police Can Dispose Of Electric Scooters

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

E-scooter being confiscated by police
Police Seizure Of Electric Scooters

Why Are E-scooters A Problem For The Police?

MET police have seized more than 3,637 privately owned e-scooters. At least 6 people have died as a result of using an electric scooter with more than 200 riders seriously injured since July 2020. E-transport is posing a threat to public safety.

Currently, private label scooters such as Pure Scooters, Xiaomi scooters, Bird scooters, Mankeel, Ninebot and others are all illegal for public road use. Only trial scooters are available to use on public roads.

Result of an escooter burning from a faulty psu
Electronic Scooter Fire Aftermath

E-SCOOTER Fire Hazard

Along with the increasing road traffic injuries, escooters are showing clear signs of poor manufacturing with cost-cutting production techniques and overall lack of regulation.

As the scooter trend increases so does the production, thousands of unregulated electric scooters are finding their way into import Britain, following the lead of the exploding Segway craze. This poses a major issue to the public as we are seeing an increase of batteries within the scooters bursting into flames.

The Evening Standard has released footage of an electric scooter bursting into flames on the Parsons Green tube.

Pictured above is the result of a fire incident involving e-scooter batteries.

Why Ethically Dispose Of An Escooter

Electric scooters are made from metals and electric components which can all be recycled with the right company. Under current WEEE regulations organisations are required to dispose of their electronic equipment responsibly with a company that deals with specialised WEEE waste. This is to stop electrical waste from going to landfills thus promoting a sustainable eco future. check out the blog on how to dispose of e-scooters.

When the police confiscate scooters on the streets the scooters are put into storage either in-house or elsewhere, storing multiple scooters in the same place is a hazard that will need to be addressed. with the current state of scooters exploding Its a matter of time before a scooter with a faulty PSU could explode in a police building.

To avoid any risk it is advised to give the scooter to a qualified WEEE Recycle Centre who can manage the batteries and disposal process of scooters.

What Parts Of E-scooters Are Recyclable

E-Scooter Recyclable Components

Successfully Recycled

E-scooter Frame

Electronic Unit

Scooter Wheels

Scooter Motor

Scooter Accelerator

​E-Scooter Battery Unit

​Electric Scooter PSU

Scooter Grips

E-scooter Lights

What Is Our Duty Of Care?

We collect and recycle all unwanted electronic equipment and aim to keep Britain and the world environmentally tidy, SMS Recycling goes by a zero-landfill policy to prevent third-world countries from being affected by electronic waste. We work alongside the environment agency to ensure our processes are up to date and managed efficiently to today's WEEE/ITAD and Decommissioning Recycling regulations.

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