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Aircraft Parts Removal, Disposal & Recycling Services

Are you looking for aerospace and aviation parts recycling services? Look no further!

At SMS Recycling, we ethically and professionally collect, remove, recycle, and dispose of old aircraft parts, ensuring compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations. Trust us for all your aerospace and aviation recycling needs.

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complete peace of mind when removing, recycling, and disposing of aviation, aircraft, and aerospace parts with our services


We ensure that every step of the process is handled with the utmost care, compliance, and environmental responsibility. Our experienced team follows stringent industry standards and regulations, providing you with a seamless, hassle-free experience. Trust us to manage the entire lifecycle of your aerospace components, from safe removal to eco-friendly recycling and disposal, ensuring sustainability and regulatory adherence every step of the way.

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Book a collection with us for hassle-free, aircraft recycling and disposal service.


We ensure that all your data is securely handled and that disposal processes are conducted in an environmentally responsible and compliant manner.

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Environment agency certificateiso 9001 iso 14001 responsible recycling
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Why choose us for your aviation recycling? 

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why choose us for your aircraft / areoplane disposal?

Expertise: knowledge and experience in the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of aircraft.

Complience: We ensure full compliance with all relevant aviation regulations and standards, including environmental and safety guidelines..

Secure data destruction: We guarantee the secure and thorough destruction of any data stored on aircraft parts.

Best Practices and Standards in Aircraft End-of-Life and Recycling

Aircraft decommissioning and recycling is a complex process involving environmental, safety, and economic factors. Collaboration among aviation stakeholders is essential for developing best practices. The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) leads this emerging industry and has agreements with ICAO and IATA to boost cooperation.


SMS Recycling offers innovative solutions for aircraft recycling, focusing on sustainability and efficiency. By optimizing the lifecycle of aviation materials, SMS Recycling enhances both environmental and economic outcomes, making it a key player in the evolving aviation recycling industry.​

Read PDF made by ICAO on Decommissioning, Disposing and Recycling Aircrafts 


Different types of aircraft parts we collect, recycle and dispose

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aircraft door recycling_edited.png

Aircraft Door

aircraft wing recycling.webp

Aircraft wing

plane cockpit removal servic e.jpg


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aircraft latchers disposal_edited.png

Aircraft Parts 

air craft seats disposal, recycle_edited

Aircraft seats 

cockpit plane recycling disposla_edited.

Control panels 

air craft tyres and wheels recycling_edi


cockpit door window recycling disposal_e

cockpit windscreen 

aircraft stowage removal and recycle.jpg


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and more

How are aircraft / aeroplane parts recycled and disposed of? 

1. Raw Material Recovery: Stripping back machines to extract valuable raw materials for recycling.

2. Motherboard Disassembly: We Careful removal of internal motherboards for separate recycling.

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3. MicroChip Destruction: Specific chips are extracted from motherboards and shredded to ensure data security and prevent leaks.

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4. Data shredding: motherboards from the petrol pumps are shredded to ensure data security. 

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