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Petrol Pump Station Recycle and Disposal service 

Our petrol pump dispensers and petrol station recycling service provide a secure and environmentally responsible solution for the disposal and recycling of petrol pumps. We gather, remove, and recycle petrol pumps from different environments, guaranteeing a seamless and straightforward experience for our customers.

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Complete peace of mind when removing, recycling, and disposing of petrol station fuel pumps


At SMS Recycling, we're committed to providing a hassle-free and sustainable solution for disposing of and recycling petrol station fuel pumps / Fuel dispensers. 

Our professional team will safely and securely remove your Petrol station filling pump and transport it to our recycling center. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment and ensure that all materials collected are ethically recycled and repurposed.


By using SMS Recycling, you can trust that you're making a responsible and eco-conscious choice. Don't let your old fuel pump harm the environment any longer. Contact us today for your fuel pump disposal and recycling services.

Get in touch and book a collection today!

Book a collection with us for hassle-free, ethical Petrol Pump recycling and disposal.


We make sure all data stored on petrol station pumps is securely destroyed, ensuring GDPR compliance and safeguarding your information during recycling and disposal.





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Environment agency certificateiso 9001 iso 14001 responsible recycling
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Petrol pumps ready for the recycling and disposal process at our recycling facility    

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why choose us for you petrol pump disposal?

Expertise: knowledge and experience in the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of petrol pumps.

Complience: We ensure full compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, including environmental and safety guidelines..

Secure data destruction: We guarantee the secure and thorough destruction of any data stored on petrol pumps, maintaining GDPR compliance.

Types of petrol pumps we have recycled? 

 Gilbarco Sk700

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industrial pump 

How are petrol station fuel pumps recycled? 

1. Raw Material Recovery: Stripping back machines to extract valuable raw materials for recycling.

2. Motherboard Disassembly: We Careful removal of internal motherboards for separate recycling.

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3. MicroChip Destruction: Specific chips are extracted from motherboards and shredded to ensure data security and prevent leaks.

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4. Data shredding: motherboards from the petrol pumps are shredded to ensure data security. 

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Who have used us 

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