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TV and Film Proudction Waste Disposal & Recycling Services

Are you looking for an accredited and safe waste management company for your TV and film productions? Look no further! 


Waste managment for tv and film production's

Waste managment and recycling services for tv and film production's

wheelie bin and waste bin for tv and film industry

Electrical WEEE waste for tv and film industry

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Complete peace of mind when removing, disposing and recycling TV and Production waste. 

TV and film production companies generate commercial waste, which must be handled by licensed waste carriers for safe and legal disposal. Efficient waste management is crucial to protect the environment and your business.

Productions often need daily waste removal for things like food waste and general trash to keep sets clean and prevent overflowing bins. At the end of production, an additional one-time waste collection may be necessary.

During filming, it's important to have the right number and type of bins across the set. These bins should be placed near waste production areas but out of the way of filming. Different bins help the cast and crew separate waste, increasing recycling and sustainability.

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Book a collection with us for hassle-free, Film Making recycling and disposal service.


We ensure that all your data is securely handled and that disposal processes are conducted in an environmentally responsible and compliant manner.

Why choose us for your TV and Film Waste Recycling and disposal? 

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why choose us for your TV and Film WEEE waste?

Expertise: knowledge and experience in the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of Film and TV sets. .

Complience: We ensure full compliance with all relevant aviation regulations and standards, including environmental and safety guidelines..

Secure data destruction: We guarantee the secure and thorough destruction of any data.

TV and film production companies generate various types of waste during their operations. These can be categorised as follows:

Film and TV productions generate a wide variety of waste, the nature and quantity of which can differ significantly depending on the specifics of the project. Daily waste includes items like leftover food from the canteen and packaging materials, while post-production waste often comprises set pieces, props, rigging equipment, and costumes.

Key types of waste produced on film and TV sets include:


  • Food Waste: Leftovers from the cast and crew, as well as expired ingredients and waste food from the catering service or studio canteen.

  • Textile Waste: Discarded or damaged clothing, costumes, curtains, and other textiles that are no longer needed.

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): Broken cameras, lights, used batteries, and other electronic waste from production equipment.

  • Dry Mixed Recycling: Cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal packaging waste generated by the crew, including food and drink containers and wrappers.

  • General Waste: Everyday waste like food scraps and non-recyclable materials.

  • Cardboard Recycling**: Packaging and storage boxes that are disposed of after use.

  • Wood Waste: Damaged or broken wooden props and set components.

  • Sanitary Waste: Waste from bathrooms on set and in the studio, requiring regular emptying of sanitary bins.

Different types of waste Bins for TV, Film and movie sets

Film, Movie and TV sets require various bins to store different types of waste, ensuring a clean and organised environment. The bins must be appropriately sized to fit the space and contain rubbish without overflowing. Some sites may accommodate large containers like rear and front-end loaders, while others may rely on wheelie bins.

We offer free bins of various types and sizes for your permanent movie or TV studio, or for when filming on location. There are no rental or delivery fees – you only pay for collection. Properly recycling, disposing, and removing waste is crucial. Here are some common bins used by film and TV production companies:


240L Wheelie Bin


1100L Wheelie Bin


Commercial Waste Bags 

Arrange a waste collection from your TV, Film or Movie set today! 

Sort your film or TV production's waste in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way with Business Waste. Save money with our free bins for any type of rubbish your set or studio generates, with no hire or delivery fees – you only pay for collection. We offer a variety of bins, bags, and containers to meet your needs.Licensed waste carriers will remove your refuse, and you will receive a free duty of care certificate, ensuring that everything is managed and disposed of safely, legally, and responsibly.


Choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly, or ad hoc collections to match your shooting schedule and develop a cost-effective waste removal plan.Our nationwide network enables us to arrange waste collection from film and TV studios, sets, and locations anywhere in the UK. Get your free customized quote for waste management services today or speak to one of our friendly experts if you have any questions – call 0127-20916 or email us at

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