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Nitrous-oxide Disposal & Recycling Services

Are you looking for an accredited and safe waste management company for your Nitrous-Oxide gas canisters?

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Complete peace of mind when Removing, Disposing and Recycling Nitrous-Oxide Canisters

Efficient Waste Management for Nitrous-oxide canisters

Recycling and disposing of Nitrous-Oxide Chargers must be handled by accredited waste disposal companies to ensure safety and compliance with environmental laws. Proper waste management protects the environment and supports business sustainability.

Nitrous - Oxide Gas removal 

Nitrous - oxide canisters must be degassed before recycling. We use specialised machines to safely remove the gas, ensuring an environmentally friendly process. This allows the gas to be purified and recycled for medical use.

Nitrous-Oxide Canister report 

After the nitrous oxide is safely degassed, you will receive a report confirming the process's completion. This document ensures compliance with environmental and safety regulations. 


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Book a collection with us for hassle-free, Nitrous-Oxide Canister recycling and disposal service.


We ensure that all your data is securely handled and that disposal processes are conducted in an environmentally responsible and compliant manner.

Why choose us for your Nitrous-oxide Canister Recycling and Disposal? 

Why choose us?

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Expertise: knowledge and experience in the safe and environmentally responsible Nitrous - Oxide disposal

Complience: We ensure full compliance with all relevant Hazerdous Waste regulations and standards, including environmental and safety guidelines.

Secure and safe nitrous - oxide canister gas removal : We guarantee the secure and safe removal.

Types of Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers Handled for Disposal

We manage a range of nitrous oxide cream chargers for disposal, including brands such as Fast Gas, Pro Whip, Smart Whip, Cream Deluxe, iSi, Liss, Mosa, Mosa Pro, and BestWhip

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Small Silver Bullet Cream Charger Recycling and disposal 

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Fast Gas Disposal and Recycle

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Smart Whip Canister Recycle and Disposal

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Cream Delux Recycling and Disposal

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ISI Nitrous-Oxide recycle and disposal

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Forecourt Air Tower Machine Petrol station Recycling 

How do we recycle Nitrous-Oxide canisters and Cream Chargers?

1. Arrange a Nitrous-oxide collection: Contact us to schedule a collection. We'll arrive on-site to count or weigh the canisters for disposal.

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2. Transport to Recycling Facility: Canisters are transported to our recycling facility. Upon arrival, we separate pressurised and unpressurised canisters.

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3. Specialised Degassing Process: Utilising our advanced degassing machine, we safely remove nitrous - oxide from the cream chargers. The gas is reclaimed and recycled for medical use.

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4. Metal Recycling: After degassing, all canisters undergo metal recycling. This ensures compliance with environmental and legal regulations throughout the disposal process.

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How should you store Nitrous - Oxide canisters for disposal

Ventilation: 🌬️ Store canisters in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of gases.

Temperature: 🌡️ Keep canisters away from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) to maintain their stability.

Secure Location: 🔒 Store canisters in a secure and stable location to prevent them from falling or being knocked over.

Labeling: 🏷️ Clearly label canisters to indicate their contents and any specific handling instructions.

Separation: ⚠️ Store nitrous oxide canisters away from incompatible materials such as flammable substances or oxidizers.

Accessibility: 🛠️ Ensure that canisters are stored where they can be accessed easily for proper handling and disposal.

Nitrous - Oxide Canister / Chargers Storage Receptacles

In addition to the storage guidelines for nitrous oxide canisters, we offer various receptacles for temporary use:

  • 120L Hazardous Waste Bin: Specifically designed for nitrous oxide canisters.

  • 1100L Hazardous Waste Nitrous Oxide Canister Disposal 3-Sided Roll Cage: Provides mobility and containment for larger quantities.

  • IBC 1000L Nitrous Oxide Canister Bin: Ideal for bulk storage and transport.

  • Gas Cylinder Storage Cages H x W x D mm 2280 x 1200: Secure storage option for multiple canisters.

These solutions ensure safe handling and storage of nitrous oxide canisters, tailored to meet different volume and mobility needs.

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Arrange a Nitrous-oxide canister disposal collection Today! 

Arrange a collection today for your Nitrous-oxide removal, recycling, and disposal with Business Waste. We offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution, ensuring your waste is managed responsibly. Our licensed waste carriers provide a free duty of care certificate, guaranteeing safe and legal disposal.

Get your free customised quote for waste management services today. For any questions or to arrange a collection, call us at 0127-20916 or email us at

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